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 BladOne App xD

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PostSubject: BladOne App xD   Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:02 pm

Name: Raymond, Rayman or BladOne xD hahha

Age:15 (almost 16 - June)

Location:United Kingdom, London

Time Zone:GMT

Position Applied For:Project Co, Wow or Gunz (ur choice i dont mind)

Experience:well im a gm of a private server called Monquer Online ^.^, i've been playing co for about 3 years, i play alot of private servers - ProjectCo, CoVelocity, MonquerOnline, HybridCo, CoEmu and Qonquer

Why I Want To Be Apart Of ProjectGameS: The reason why i want to be part of Project games is to increase my experience on helping people around the world wide web with my knowledge.

How I Can Help: well it depends on the position im getting. e.g. [GM] i'd be online everyday, hours - about 10+ helping people within the game

Time I Can Be On EveryDay:10+ hours on like weekends and holidays, skool nights.... 6-7 hours

Games/Privs I Play: Qonquer Online, Monquer Online, Hybrid Co, Co Velocity, CoEmu, Project Co, Conquer Online / Gunz (gonna try it now) / Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source, COD4
(xD i like to play games when im bored hehe)
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BladOne App xD
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