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 miamidude411 app

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PostSubject: miamidude411 app   Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:42 pm




Time Zone:Eastern

Position Applied For:Gunz staff

Experience:im admin on another forum they have a new gunz priv server and wow (im not gonna advertise) and there rapidly growing im able to make servers like MS and habbo soon gunz and wow im very capible of getting people on this forum as fast as i can ive done it with other forums and know they love me.

Why I Want To Be Apart Of ProjectGameS:Ive met project before and i love gunZ soon able to play WoW and i believe i can help alot with this community

How I Can Help:I can get people very fast i can advertise on serch engines and tell all my friends at school and on the phone

Time I Can Be On EveryDay:About 5hrs a day but sometimes I wont because im busy with something but im on alot

Games/Privs I Play:TwilightGunz TwilightWoW(soon) and TwilightMaple and LGG(legacygamerz GunZ before it shut down) Uhm some habbo server i created TwilightHotel (im not gonna tell site so im not advertising because i know project no likey lol) Im soon gonna be playing Private Ms servers and maybe RS servers lol but not sure i play many GunZ private servers i have hamachi so yea i have msn im on alot i have projects msn so uhm yea.

That is my app and thankyou I hope I make it!
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miamidude411 app
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