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 my wow app

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PostSubject: my wow app   Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:34 pm

Name: elrick wismeijer (dutch name so maybe a little bit to hard to say for most people)

Age: 15....

Location: Netherlands

Time Zone: GMT +1

Position Applied For: ProjectWoW GM

Experience: no experience yet but i hope i will get that experience here ^^

Why I Want To Be Apart Of ProjectGameS: i want to be a part of ProjectGameS because i currently play ProjectGunZ and i think you're doing a great job with it.

How I Can Help: i can help players with most of the stuff in WoW because i already play it for a really long time and know most stuff in it.

Time I Can Be On EveryDay: it depents on my state and mood (got some serious health related problems right now but i will know more in about 7 days time) but aside from that, i will usually be online after school and if i'm done with homework.
Games/Privs I Play: ProjectGunZ, ProjectCO (still waiting for account Sleep ) silkroad, (waiting for PSRO from db7 (if i get accepted)), and some others like RO (private), and waiting for private server to open from RO2.

anyway, enough typing so now just wait geek
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my wow app
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